The Facts About Measure S

  •  The 2017 library ballot measure is not a new tax. It merely renews the current one-eighth of a penny sales tax approved overwhelmingly by Stanislaus County voters in years past.

  •  The library sales tax funds over 80% of the cost of operating the county’s 13 branches.

  •  By law, library sales tax revenues can only be used for library services. They can’t be taken by the state or diverted for other uses. With our state budget controlled largely by big city interests in southern California and the Bay Area, local measures are the only way to ensure our tax dollars are being used to satisfy our priorities.

  •  There are currently over 400,000 Stanislaus County library card holders.


 Stanislaus County libraries provide:

  • Reading programs for children, and safe places for teens to read and study;

  •  Senior services, like computer training, access to large print books, and delivery to the homebound;

  •  Access to job applications, employment services, business and economic information for local businesses, and job training resources for local workers;

  •  Literacy training for adults and families;
  • Access to nearly 700,000 book and publications, DVD's and CD's and an expansive collection of online databases to over 100,000 downloadable, streamed movies, TV shows, music albums, audio books, ebooks, and magazines;
  • Free access to computers and Wi-Fi.





Vote to Renew the Library Sales Tax – November, 2017